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Exploratory workshop on Evaluating and Reporting Accessibility of Web-sites

18th december 2006, Brussels, 10.00h - 17.00h

Short description

The Exploratory Workshop is in the context of the IST Priority (e-Inclusion strategic objective[1]) of the 6th EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (2002-2006). The presentations can be downloaded through the links in the right column. The documents are PDF documents, if you need alternative formats, please contact the Cluster coordinator.

EC hosted this Exploratory Workshop in order to compare state of the art leading European governmental initiatives in the field of web accessibility with the work of the EC supported research cluster, namely its prototype of a European Internet Accessibility Observatory and a supporting collection of advanced test modules and test suites for tools.


10:00 - Welcome by Paul Timmers, head of unit DG INFSO.
10:30 - Presentation sessions round 1
Roundtable presentations followed by short questions and answers session.

12:30 - Lunch
14:00 - Presentation sessions round 2
Roundtable presentations followed by short questions and answers session.

16:00 - Networking round
16.30 - Discussion, conclusions and next steps

Invitation information

This exploratory workshop allows the projects and initiatives to discuss coherence of the various approaches and possible interoperability issues, to allow comparison of the future data collected [2]. For the European Commission the results of this exploratory workshop will be a valuable input to the EU i2010 e-Inclusion initiative, in particular for inclusive e-Government. Next steps could be starting formal harmonisation discussion of accessibility monitoring in the context of the relevant working group of the i2010 committees, in view of a possible corresponding indicator in the future. The starting EC mandate to European Standardisation Organisations to support public procurement of accessible ICT goods & services will also be concerned with some aspects of this.

The workshop was intended for Government agencies and companies working for these agencies who are preparing tools for benchmarking quality and accessibility of websites, in order to exchange ideas and optimise efforts. The presentation that where submitted can be found in the left column (or when linearizing this page at the bottom).

[1] Projects list on
[2] As requested by Council Decision of 25 March 2002

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Eric Velleman
WAB Cluster and UWEM in European perspective

Mikael Snaprud
European observatory for accessibility (EIAO)

Frank Fardal
Norwegian benchmarking of public content

Raph de Rooy
Dutch framework for control and benchmark of quality and accessibility

Stephen Hay
Working tool to benchmark accessibility and quality

Pierre Pecastaings
eAccessibility in France (overview)

Carlos Velasco
Industrial Quality Assurance Management Tools for the Web

Dominique Burger
Harmonisation following the Unified Web Evaluation Methodology in France and support instruments

Bruce Perens
Open source, e-government and accessibility

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