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UWEM, Unified Web Evaluation Methodology version 1.2

Welcome to the official and latest version of UWEM, the Unified Web Evaluation Methodology, version 1.2. This document provides a complete methodology for the evaluation of websites for WCAG1.0 comformance. UWEM also covers statistical methods for sampling, critical path analysis, computer assisted content selection, manual content selection and interpretation and integration/aggregation of test results. We particularly want to thank all people who commented on the previous versions. From the latest review, we received and processed over 200 comments from reviewers over the world.

Download UWEM - Two documents: Core and Tests

We separated the core of the document from the tests (previously section 5 in version 1.1). This is as a preparation for the integration of the new WCAG2.0 guidelines into UWEM. A migration plan is provided that describes the steps necessary to update UWEM from WCAG1.0 to WCAG2.0. This has not yet been executed.

Document Format Date
UWEM1.2 CORE...PDF version 937 kB 2007-12-03
UWEM1.2 CORE...Open Office version 273 kB 2007-01-03
Document Format Date
UWEM1.2 TESTS...PDF version 1.478 kB 2008-03-12
UWEM1.2 TESTS...Open Office version 91 kB 2008-03-12

UWEM1.2 contains a complete methodology for the evaluation of websites for WCAG1.0 comformance. The document is separated into a Core document and a Tests document. UWEM has been developed by the WAB Cluster in order to improve the Tool and Browser Independence, the Unique Interpretability, Repeatability and Translatability of the WCAG1.0 guidelines.

The UWEM Migration plan from WCAG1.0 to WCAG2.0

The Migration plan presents the migration approach for the UWEM designed by the WAB Cluster, to tackle the challenges provoked by the incorporation of WCAG 2.0 in the methodology, while maintaining the testing framework for WCAG 1.0. This document responds to a formal request from the European Commission's e-Inclusion Unit and the evaluators of the cluster work. The document is relevant to the use of WCAG2.0 by EU and Member States.

Document Format Date
Migration plan...PDF version 149 kB 2008-02-12
Migration plan...Open Office version 59 kB 2008-02-12

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Migration plan

The Migration plan describes how UWEM will change by the migration necessary from WCAG1.0 to the current WCAG2.0 Recommendation. The plan has not yet been executed.

EIAO document on statistical sampling and agregation

Please also download the report produced by the EIAO project on statistical sampling and agregation. This report on statistical sampling and agregation is downloadable from the EIAO project website of by clicking the link (pdf format) .

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