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Unified Web Evaluation Methodology version 1.1

UWEM 1.2 is currently the latest and stable version of the Unified Web Evaluation Methodology:
Please visit the latest version of UWEM (version 1.2).

Accessibility checks can be carried out in different ways even if the checks are based on the same guidelines. The Unified Web Evaluation Methodology (UWEM) is developed to ensure that large scale monitoring and local evaluation are compatible and coherent among themselves and with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from W3C/WAI. The methodology will be synchronised with the foreseen migration from WCAG 1.0 to WCAG 2.0 in the future. Thus, UWEM will support evaluation, certification, and benchmarking of web content.

Document Format Date
UWEM1.1...MS Word version 1.415 kB 2007-07-07
UWEM1.1...PDF version 1.916 kB 2007-07-07
UWEM1.1...Open Office version 370 kB 2007-07-07
Review comments form...MS Word version 75 kB 2007-07-07
Review comments form...Open Office version 13 kB 2007-07-07
Review comments form...PDF version 69 kB 2007-07-07

UWEM1.1 contains a complete methodology for the evaluation of websites for WCAG1.0 comformance. UWEM has been developed by the WAB Cluster in order to improve the Tool and Browser Independence, the Unique Interpretability, Repeatability and Translatability of the WCAG1.0 guidelines. UWEM also covers statistical methods for sampling, critical path analysis, computer assisted content selection, manual content selection and interpretation and integration/aggregation of results.

Indicator refinement

In the WAB Cluster, the indicators have undergone refinement. The indicators refinement paper is also open for public review. Please use the UWEM comments form (see above for download) for this also. the indicator refinement document is supplemental to UWEM and will be used as input for the next version. The document provides indicators refinment concerning statistical issues for sampling web sites and calculating scores. Please note that this document currently includes some information related to the implementation of software in the EIAO project. The general parts of the latter document will be integrated in the next version of UWEM.

Document Format Date
Indicator_refinement_RC_v0_9...MS Word version 817 kB 2007-07-07
Indicator_refinement_RC_v0_9...PDF version 1.015 kB 2007-07-07
Indicator_refinement_RC_v0_9...Open Office version 440 kB 2007-07-07


The methodology is based on the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 [WCAG10] and will be synchronised with the foreseen migration from WCAG 1.0 to WCAG 2.0 [WCAG20] in the near future. This has already been worked out in a migration plan that will be released with the next version of the Methodology in September.

The UWEM1.1 offers an interpretation of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 1.0 priority 1 and 2 guidelines. This interpretation is agreed among stakeholders within the projects. The current version of the methodology is based on version UWEM1.0 released earlier. The previous version has been put online to receive comments and the work has been extensively reviewed and tested inside the Cluster projects. The changes made are a direct effect of this review and testwork. In some parts of the document arbitrary decision have been taken awaiting more research results from the Cluster projects in the September version.

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