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Frequently Asked Questions about UWEM1.0

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UWEM version 1.0

What is UWEM1.0
UWEM1.0 is the EU-harmonised assessment methodology for Web accessibility, based on W3C/WAI and to be synchronised with the foreseen migration from WCAG1.0 to WCAG2.0. The aim is to ensure that evaluation tools and methods developed for global monitoring or for local evaluation, are compatible and coherent among themselves (and with WAI). Other aim is the provision of a strong European feedback and contribution to WAI and others for future guidelines or versions of guidelines.

Who is the WAB cluster
The WAB Cluster consists of 23 European partners inside three European projects called BenToWeb, SEAM and EIAO.

What happened to version 0.5
UWEM 0.5 has been used for testing and implementation inside the projects in the WAB Cluster. The testresults from that and the reviews by the public have led to changes in the document. Version 0.5 was a draft for implementation. It is still on this site but does not offer the harmonised version.

Why is it limited to priority 1 and 2 guidelines
Version 0.5 was limited to priority 1 guidelines. In this version we added priority 2 guidelines. The methodology covers evaluations of one Web page, an entire site (irrespective of size), or multiple sites, a method for sampling, clarifications of the checkpoints, information necessary for interpretation and integration/aggregation of results and a template report.

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