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Unified Web Evaluation Methodology version 1.0

Methodology to evaluate websites for accessibility

Introduction and overview to UWEM1.0

UWEM 1.2 is currently the latest and stable version of the Unified Web Evaluation Methodology:
Please visit the latest version of UWEM (version 1.2).

Welcome to the webpages of the Unified Web Evaluation Methodology version 1.0 (UWEM1.0). This methodology is the result of a joint effort by 23 European organisations in three European projects combined in a cluster to develop a Unified Web Evaluation Methodology.
The methodology is based on the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 [WCAG10] and will be synchronised with the foreseen migration from WCAG 1.0 to WCAG 2.0 [WCAG20] in the near future. In the next phase of the Cluster, more effort will be attributed to work to help and support W3C work on the guidelines.

The UWEM1.0 offers an interpretation of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 1.0 priority 1 and 2 guidelines. This interpretation is agreed among stakeholders within the projects. The methodology is based on version UWEM0.5 released earlier as a draft document for review. Many review channels have been put online to receive comments and the work has been extensively reviewed and tested inside the Cluster projects. The changes made are a direct effect of this review and testwork. In some parts of the document arbitrary decision have been taken awaiting more research results from the Cluster projects. An example of this is the number of pages in the sampled resource set.

The Unified Web Evaluation Methodology will have a follow up in 2007 based on your comments and more testing and implementation in the Cluster projects.

The evaluation of UWEM is also planned to provide feedback and contribute to W3C/WAI for future guidelines or versions of guidelines.

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Release message
The press release for UWEM1.0

Online version - The following formats are available:
xhtml version of UWEM 1.0.
pdf version of UWEM 1.0 (Tagged version for accessibility).

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