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Overview of the activities in the WAB Cluster

Accessibility for people with disabilities offers the best of both worlds, social responsability and a good return on investment (EV)

Overview of the WAB cluster, read explanation below

WAB Cluster activities

The image above describes the activities of the WAB Cluster where the three projects are shown as three oval forms that have an overlap in the middle representing the mutual work on harmonization of evaluation and benchmarking. All work is done in coordination with W3C/WAI and most of the work is open to public comments. The deliverables produced within the framework of the cluster will be placed online on this website for comments.

The common topic is the cevelopment of a EU-harmonised assessment methodology for Web accessibility, based on W3C/WAI and to be synchronised with the foreseen migration from WCAG1.0 to WCAG2.0.
The three project-specific (although inter-related) topics are:

Clustering, initiated right from the negotiation stage, will ensure that evaluation tools and methods developed both for global monitoring and for local evaluation, are compatible and coherent among themselves (and with WAI), and also that a strong European feedback and contribution is provided to WAI for future guidelines or versions of guidelines. All material produced in view of being proposed for standardisation has to be public and will be prepared as such within the projects. Modules developed will have to be usable for local assessment tools and also for the monitoring observatory platform.

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What will the WAB Cluster projects produce

Support-EAM is a Support Action that will produce a European accreditation system (Including National helpdesks, sustainability, training and dissemination materials.
EIAO will produce a site inventory system, an enhanced RobAcc engine, a WAM metrics, basic < Fusion modules, user verify. input system,sustainability, research on open source test modules, a plug-in interface for test modules, scientific publications.
BenToWeb will produce research on complex tests (natural language, colour, consistent navigation), test suites for web accessibility assessment tools, a plug-in interface for test modules, scientific publications.

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